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How to make a diagnosis Refrigerator Problems

Six Methods:

  • Your Refrigerator Does Not Work
  • The Light mechanism, but Refrigerator Does Not Run
  • Refrigerator is Running but Light is Out
  • Refrigerator or else Freezer Not Cold
  • The Refrigerator with the aim of Keeps On Running
  • Refrigerator Cycles On and inedible Continuously

From time to time you notice there’s something in the wrong with your appliance desirable away. Your refrigerator is making an weird sound or else you notice your food isn’t staying cold an adequate amount of. You might not know if its obligatory to call a proficient or else if its something you can by a long shot put back into working order by hand. This article willpower teach you how to make a diagnosis refrigerator problems.
Method 1 of 6: Your Refrigerator Does Not exert yourself

1. Check so as to the power cord is plugged in the field of all the way. Lure out cold the refrigerator if desirable and press the plug strongly into the outlet.
You be supposed to too check your appliance’s electrical cord in support of hurt. Whichever exposed wire, kinks before cuts in the field of the cord might give rise to the appliance malfunction. If this is the court case, figure out not bring into play the cord and phone a repairman.

2. Remove an expansion cord if you were using single relating the refrigerator’s major cord and the outlet. The expansion cord possibly will take place bad.

3. Try a different appliance in the field of close proximity to the refrigerator. If so as to appliance too does not exert yourself, check your fuse before circuit roller box. You probably take part in a blown fuse before tripped roller.

4. Check the current and voltage of the outlet with a multimeter and voltage tester. If you figure out not know how to exert yourself these tools, phone a trained revamp technician before electrician.

Method 2 of 6: The Light mechanism, but Refrigerator Does Not Run

1. Check your hotness gauge inside the appliance. If the dial was bumped, it possibly will take part in made it too tepid in support of the refrigerator to change direction on.
It be supposed to take place arranged relating 37 and 40º F (3-4ºC) in support of the refrigerator and relating 0-5ºF (-15 to -18ºC) in support of the freezer.

2. Check the seat relating the walls and the appliance. Nearby be supposed to take place a 3-inch (76.2 mm) gap around the appliance and by the side of smallest amount a 1-inch (25.4 mm) gap by the side of the top. This provides airflow desirable in support of the device to function.

3. Clean the condenser coils with a vacuum before brush. This part helps dissipate reheat so as to possibly will give rise to the appliance show funny. This cleaning be supposed to take place finished with the appliance bowed inedible.

4. Unplug the refrigerator in support of 2 hours and in that case plug it back in the field of. If it starts running “normally” again, the compressor is overheating and it be supposed to take place checked by a revamp technician.

5. Bring into play a multimeter to test every factor in support of continuity. These include the hotness control, the evaporator fan, the defrost timer, the overload minder and the compressor motor.
You possibly will take part in to consult your owner’s guidebook in support of the locations of the components. If a part does not take part in continuity, it is faulty and desire need to take place replaced.

Method 3 of 6: Refrigerator is Running but Light is out cold

1. Supplant the bulb

2. Test the access switch in support of continuity. Supplant the switch if desirable.

Method 4 of 6: Refrigerator before Freezer Not Cold

1. Be a fan of the leading 3 steps in the field of the “The Light mechanism but Refrigerator Does Not Run” section. If individuals options figure out not resolve your question, prolong underneath.

2. Inspect the vents relating the freezer and refrigerator and the drain tube in support of garbage and ice. Remove garbage if desirable. This obstruction possibly will take place your question.

3. Test your access seals by introduction a part of paper relating the seals and the appliance. Close the access and lure out cold the paper. You be supposed to feel tension if the seals are functioning well .
Duplicate the process all around the seals of the appliance. If there’s nix tension by the side of whichever mark, the seals are preparatory to fail. You be supposed to too check in support of cracks and firmness so as to possibly will take place causing a failing access seal.

4. Test components such since access switches, the defrost warmer and timer, and the evaporator fan in support of continuity. If whichever of these parts fail, they possibly will take place your question.

Method 5 of 6: The Refrigerator so as to Keeps On Running

1. Defrost the freezer in the field of court case there’s too much ice built up and clean your condenser coils.
2. Test the access seals and switches using the tips over.

Method 6 of 6: Refrigerator Cycles On and inedible Continuously

1. Be a fan of the “cleaning condenser coils” advice earlier in the field of the article. If so as to does not exert yourself, a factor might take part in futile.
2. Test the outlet voltage and the continuity of the following parts: The condenser fan, the overload minder, and the compressor relay and motor.
3. Hose down Puddled Inside before Outside the Refrigerator
4. Check the drain pans and tubes. They possibly will take place bunged.